Welcome to kiddywinks

To Think Creatively
and Create
To Feel Fine and to
Understand Emotions
To be Independent
and Active
To Apply
Knowledge in Life

Port of call for an environment with insight and positivity for kids

Kiddywinks is a novice educational point where kids are nurtured with values and enlightenment. The green environment and infrastructure of our school brings in happy and playful vibes. Ranging from the playful cultural activities to the scholarly education programs, your kid will not be devoid from any scholastic necessity.

Our vision and mission:

We have set our eyes in contributing to the future generation through our education systems. Little children are the builders of the nation. We provide them a perfect medium wherein they can grow and get enlightened.

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Intuitive pedagogies:

The teachers in our school opt to innovate teaching methods so that their interest can be engaged

Invigorating greenery:

The refreshing environment of the school is solely meant for the little brains so that they can have unbound prospects of education and growth in our school.

Innovatory toys:

We trigger the imaginative power of the little ones by providing them with toys that engage their interest and extends their imagination to no bound.

Our approach to contribute to the education systems:

We believe education is the sword for empowering the advancing generation. Thus, we strive to extend students with an educational environment where they can bloom beautifully radiating their unbound potential. We not only just smartly encourage kids for participation in various cultural activities, but we also pay special attention to the basic education of the little ones. Thus, we serve a firm basic platform where your little ones can be prepared for higher schools for further studies.

Our school environment:

We extend jolly and creative surrounding to the kids where they can relish the process of learning. Classrooms are equipped with vibrant and gleeful atmosphere as well as intuitive toys boosting the imaginative power of the kids.

Why Choose Us

With a unique approach to nurture the little ones, we have various education programs which can elevate their self-confidence gradually. We ensure the all-round physical and mental development of the kids. We offer a medium of love, care, insight and knowledge where a full-fledged personality development of the kids can be observed.

Our Team

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kiddywinks to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs